How to Begin an English Sentence

2019-02-19 Tutorials

During the writing of my thesis, I collected some English words you can use two empower your writing style.

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Use Picture-in-Picture Mode on Mac and iPad with a Bookmarklet

2019-02-15 Updated: 2020-07-20 Tips

Quinn from Snazzy Labs just posted an interesting video about some macOS utilities. I love small utilities, but I like it even better, when a problem can be solved with system functions. That is the case here. He mentions Helium - an app to use a form of picture in picture mode for websites that don’t support the native PIP.

However, there is a better solution! And this solution works on Mac as well as iPad!

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Basic Things to Consider When Starting an Online Business

2018-09-15 Updated: 2019-03-25 Summaries

This post is a really short excerpt from a flyer I found a while ago. It lists thing you should consider, if you want to try to start an online business. Think about it as a checklist.

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Zusammenfassung von Fredmund Maliks Führen, Leisten, Leben

2018-06-03 Summaries

Fredmund Maliks Führen, Leisten, Leben ist ein Management-Standardwerk. Es schildert wichtige Aspekte des Managements und die Philosophie des Autors. Dabei steht vor allem eine These im Zentrum: Gutes Management kann man lernen und ist keine gottgegebene Fähigkeit. Das Buch legt dar, wie man diese Fähigkeit lernen kann. Ich habe das Buch gelesen und für Dich zusammengefasst.

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Install Syncthing on Uberspace 6 in a Subdomain

2018-05-21 Updated: 2020-07-18 Tutorials

Uberspace 6 has reached EOL

If you want to use Syncthing, you should create an Uberspace 7 and refer to the the Syncthing tutorial from the Uberlab!

This short tutorial explains how to install Syncthing on a Uberspace. It is based on the Tutorial from Max Haesslein. Thanks Max!

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