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Moin! 👋

I am Felix, a Senior Project Manager and Baby Developer (working on growing up!).

I have a degree in Business Administration (BSc, MSc) and Computer Science (BSc).

In my projects I regularly work on the complete stack. That means: I can and will do everything to get the job done. For example: structuring problems, research, communication with the customer, working on and defining contracts, DevOps, coding, testing, QA, documentation, tutorials, etc.

My personal weakness is sales, because I don't want to sell something I don't fully believe in — and I tend to be perfectionist about things.

During my last employment, my focus was on the German Energy Sector. My focus was Redispatch 2.0.

My heart is generally in Tech. I want to continuously improve and expand my knowledge. I think I do it best, when I teach others.