Felix Förtsch


Betreffs: Leipzigs Mobilität der Zukunft: Schicken Sie uns Ihre Ideen und Vorschläge vom 14.06.2023

Liebes LVZ-Team,

danke für euren Aufruf zur Ideensammlung für die Mobilität der Zukunft. Ich habe mich in letzter Zeit viel mit Verkehrsveränderungen befasst und ich wünsche mir sehr, dass die bereits positiven Änderungen in Leipzig noch weiter ausgeweitet werden.

Denn inzwischen bin ich der festen Überzeugung, dass eine adäquate und achtsame Nutzung des öffentliche Raums und der richtige Umgang mit Verkehr ein erheblicher, wenn nicht der erheblichste Einflussfaktor für die Lebensqualität innerhalb einer Stadt ist.


I've been collecting locations of coffee shops in Leipzig for a while now. Today, I put them into a guide on Apple Maps. I find it very useful.

Check it out here!

If you have a place I should put on there, let me know. 😊

The Twitter exodus is real. From what I could tell, a lot of people moved to Mastodon. I think this is great and I am going to tell you why and why it's not enough. Yet.


My mother received a link to a song from an old friend of hers. It's a cover of the song “Here's to Life” by Shirley Horn. I find it absolutely beautiful.



I stumbled upon this simple blogging solution. Maybe this is the thing I was looking for?!


Fredmund Maliks Führen, Leisten, Leben ist ein Management-Standardwerk. Es schildert wichtige Aspekte des Managements und die Philosophie des Autors. Dabei steht vor allem eine These im Zentrum: Gutes Management kann man lernen und ist keine gottgegebene Fähigkeit. Das Buch legt dar, wie man diese Fähigkeit lernen kann. Ich habe das Buch gelesen und für Dich zusammengefasst.


Colors have a big impact on how software looks. Personally, I think macOS and iOS are beautiful and the colors are very well selected. Since I am not a designer, but I want to understand why these systems always looks so good, I started designing this website using the Apple colors. The first step I took was creating variables for the Apple colors from the Human Interface Guidelines (iOS/macOS).

I published them on GitHub as gists so you can use them, too. It's just the raw variables; but I could not find them anywhere else in this SCSS form. Gist macOS-colors-dark.scss, macOS-colors-light.scss, iOS-colors-dark.scss, iOS-colors-light.scss.

Read more for the actual variables.


Many people have ideas. Ideas are not special. What makes and breaks an idea is its realization and/or implementation. Here are some of my product ideas. Implement them, if you like them! Then send me an email to show them to me, please. 😁


I love listening to podcasts while I am out running. The latest one I found is The Happiness Lab from and with Dr. Laurie Santos, a professor teaching at Yale. She looks at happiness scientifically and takes an active approach: You have it in your own hands to improve your happiness. The podcast discusses various strategies with various scientists and experts from their respective field.

This is a collection of these strategies you can employ; with the link to the corresponding episode for more information.


During my time on the Internet, I encountered many things. This post is a collection of the cool things. I will probably update it once in a while. Since I am living in Germany, some of the tips may not be useful for everyone. In order of coolness.