Many people have ideas. Ideas are not special. What makes and breaks an idea is its realization and/or implementation. Here are some of my product ideas. Implement them, if you like them! Then send me an email to show them to me, please. 😁

Product Ideas

Flatpen: Pens have a problem. They are round and stiff and that makes them harder to carry around. The idea: Create a pen that uses regular pen mines, but folds flat so it can be put inside of a notebook without making it wobble.

Process Visualization with Z-Layers: Processes are an important part of business development and optimization. Their visualization is important for communicating them. Most process visualization software is clunky to use. Finding the right layer of abstractions with processes is hard by default — software should make it easier. This has to be a combined solution: From the editor to the reader. The core idea is using Z-layer zooming to make it more intuitive (e.g. pinching in mobile and tablet apps).

Magic Handshake: Create a system that supports favors. Being in the system opens you doors, because you know someone. Like an exclusive club.

10 Minute Mentor: Finding is a mentor is difficult. Make it easier.

Sane Games: Create a list of games that are sane: no IAP, no psycho abuse, etc.

Web App Ideas

Sign-up: Create an event where people can sign up really easily. Like Raid Helper, but generalized.

WOOP: PWA that implements the GROW or WOOP mental model.

Predefined Workflow Builder/Checklister/Show the Way: Many task in modern life follow step-by-step processes. It is really inefficient that everybody has to learn them individually. It should be easy to download a pre-created checklist for a specific task and then succeed with just following this checklist. E.g. “How to do a product launch” —> Step 1: Do X. Step 2: Do Y., “How to learn JavaFX” —> etc. Specialised Version of this could be a “You should app”. A collection of things everybody should do and/or have. Have a bank account, have insurance, etc.

GitHub Contributions for Everything: GitHub Contributions are awesome. They give a quick and intuitive overview about progress. Create a way that allows tracking everything like this.

Applicant Oriented Applications: Applications are awful for the applicant. They are at the mercy of organizations. They have to send in all their information and then they have to wait. And they have to do that multiple times. Use different interfaces, create different formats, and so on. It should be easier.

Make it very easy to donate to a good cause/org: One click donations. It is not easy to set up donations in Germany. There is a lot of hassle involved with creating receipts etc. This should be super easy for the associated organizations and should allow integrated systems like PayPal and Stripe for payments.

Local Twitter: It's not always easy to know what's happening around your. Make an app that makes it really easy to know what public events are happening right now around you. Concert? Demonstration? Check and know.

Gamekey Exchange: Enable people that buy things like humble bundle to trade their unused keys with each other.

Computer and Phone App Ideas

On time: Calendar integration that allows one click information to others, if you are on time or not.

Hierarchical Documentation: Documentation of software is often flat, even though hierarchies are at the core of many projects. Tools should display hierarchies to make it easier to quickly grasp software libraries.

Moderator Toolbox: Organizing groups is hard. Make using speech lists, protocols, etc. easy to do.

Cadence and Heartbeat Music: Generate electronic music (e.g. with AI) and use the heartbeat sensor of the Apple Watch attach it to the cadence and/or heart rate of the person.

Vaccination Card: There is a yellow book that helps track vaccinations. Make one that's on your phone.

Walk the City: Exploring a city is awesome. Make an app that tracks all routes/streets you have already been to on the map to facilitate walking every road once.

Checkpoints: Create a system that allows people with bad time management to tell an accurate prediction on when they'll get somewhere. Use map data and checkpoints to find out the time.

Color Clipboard: Monitor clipboard and store Hex codes. Give a nice UI to create palettes, etc.

Kontakte: Create a Tinder-like interface to clean-up contacts: Keep, delete, edit. Have a nice and easy way to add notes and tags. Potentially: Add whitelist/blocklist.

Business Plan Archive: Like ideas business plans have way less value than people think. Put them in the public domain.

Track a Thing: App that has a unified interface to track things very easily. Did a run: Track. How many days since you last called your mother: Track. Is your Doner bigger or smaller than average: Track.

Single Player Raider (Game): A game where you do a 40-person raid, but you do it solo on your own terms.

Apps that already exist (or probably exists), but require better design, should not cost money or should be open source